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Industrial Refrigeration Condensers

Ammonia is a proven natural refrigerant and has been used in industrial refrigeration applications since the 19th century.  Environmentally, it has zero ozone depleting potential (ODP) and zero direct global warming potential (GWP). It has excellent thermodynamic properties and is low in cost.

However, because it is ammonia, there are obvious and important considerations when it comes to designing and operating a safe refrigeration system. Moreover, the system including condensers, evaporators, compressors and ancillaries needs to be periodically inspected and be suitably constructed for maintenance purposes. With this is mind, JACIR has produced an exciting and cutting edge range of condensers. The condensers not only embrace these requirements, but also provide extensive cost savings.

The ONYX adiabatic condenser is a combination of a dry condenser and an adiabatic pre-cooling section. When cooling in dry mode is no longer effective the pre-cooling section lowers the ambient air temperature by evaporating water, which passes through humidifying pad media, specially designed for this purpose. This precooled air then passes over the tube coils and condenses the ammonia. Therefore, the ammonia condensing temperature is lower than ambient air temperature.

The water in the media, which has not been evaporated is collected and recycled back to the water make-up system, without the need for water treatment. The water saving is significant (80-95% less water consumption than an evaporative condenser) and is delivered with no risk of Legionella.

The ONYX range also meets the inspection and maintenance requirements by utilising vertical H shape tube coils and providing full access through a central door.